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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday One

I have received numbers of mails just now which means a lot to me :) You all have been really lovely darlings!Best of wishes in everything you do, Today I'm Wearing will always be your best companion ya :p
Alright, it has been late at night, allow me to review some of the lovely blogshops before i get my ass off to the bed, teehee! :D

The Posh Closet
RM 99 _ RM 155 _ RM110

Dainty Little Blog Shop
RM 58 _ RM 44 _ RM 30

RM 42 _ RM 38

Always RM5 :)

RM 40 _ RM 35 _ RM35

the glamorous blogshop
RM 50

Till then! Good night honeys, with loves :)

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