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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Two :)

Well, who say we can no longer shop after Chinese New Year?Nah, for your information, my shopping spree is ON all of the time..it is a must for a girl like us to keep updated to the current trend, isn't it? so, let's shop till we drop babes! :)

Trend Reports
RM 39 _ RM 35 _ RM45

Shopaholix Bar
RM 40 _ RM45 _ RM33

RM 68

RM 45 _ RM 42 _ RM 42 _ RM35

RM 55 _ RM 65 _ RM 59

i know the weather doesn't tend to be nice to us these days. Somehow, i still can't resist my love towards these Jackets!
Just grab them home honeys! :)

RM 46 _ RM 54 _ RM 64

Fittingroom Online Boutique
RM 38 _ RM42 _ RM25

RM30 _ RM50 _ RM40

love their garments as they provide the very unique pieces with high qualities :)
Just as what we want!

Red Ocaso
RM 8

For all the vintage lovers out there, you might find your love here ;)

The Owl Sisters
RM 39 _ RM45

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