Option A


Friday, February 26, 2010

Advertising Service

♥ Option A
Ads below banner.
Size : 200 x 270
Rates : RM 12 per week
RM 40 per month

♥ Option B
Ads above enquirers and profile
Size : 160 x 400
Rates : RM 15 per week
RM 50 per month

♥ Option C
Ads below post and above followers
Size : 200 x 160
Rates : RM 7 per week
RM 25 per month

♥ Option D
Ads below Enquires
Size : 240 x 160
Rates : RM 8 per week
RM 30 per month

♥ Option E
Ads above advertising box
Size : 240 x 100
Rates : RM 5 per week
RM 18 per month

Terms & Conditions

1. Full payment must be made to my CIMB & Maybank account only in advance, before your booking is confirmed and the ads are displayed.

2. First come first serve basis. Whichever blogshops who can make the full payment first will have the priority.

3. Banner is to be submitted before your ads has been displayed.

4. Please take note that placing advertisement doesn't guarantee to increase your sales or daily hits. Today I'm wearing is just helping you to display your advertisement to remind readers about the existence of your blogshops :)

5. No cancellation and refunds are allowed, so do think twice before confirming.

6. Today I'm Wearing serves Malaysian Blogshop only :)

7. Kindly take note that I am still a student. Hence, email will only reply after i have off from classes.

8. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks for your understanding.

9. For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to drop us an email.

10. Truly hope you have a great time browsing through Today I'm Wearing. Cheers!


  1. hai this is my email
    and my blog qasie-love2u.blogspot.com
    i would like to rent ur advertisement...
    can u email me asap....

  2. Option D please

    Take ur time...