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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Two :)

Was wondering what's wrong with the connection today :( It seems to take forever to browse through a website and upload photos. It was just way worse than crawling you know. I apologize if i can't manage to review your updates darlings, my bad :( However, your mails and supports had brighten and make my day! i meant it honey, hope this blog helps you in your shopping journey, best of luck! cheers! :D

Alright, be patient darlings, here's a great news for all our beloved Today I'm Wearing readers.Bolster Store is actually giving out a promotion to our readers by just mentioning I'm a Today I'm Wearing readers.
PG19 - Original Price Rm49
Giving out only RM45 - Included Register Mail for Today Im wearing Readers :)

They are a lovely one, aren't they? Happy shopping dears!More awesome items in store, check it out :D
Bolster Store
RM 50 _ RM46

Pre-Order Boutique
RM 37 _ RM 43 _ RM39

Jovy's Wardrobe
RM 63 _ RM 58

Varieties Shops is having stock clearance, do visit them and check it out alright? :)
Besides, here are part of their new items, there are more on their awesome blogshop! Just click it! :D

Varieties Shops
RM 44 _ RM 45

RM 45 _ RM 45

To all the sales Lover, Vintage Cottage is having sales right now! more dresses on their blogshop are having discount, please feel free to have a click ya! :D

Tulip Boutique
RM 28 _ RM29 _ RM30 _ RM29

Here comes another blogshop who is throwing out a big sales to all our beloved shopaholics , everything just comes in very reasonable and affordable prices! I love Sales, don't you babe? :) Just grab them before it's too Late!

To my beloved readers, i'm facing a problem with my post setting, which it can only publish 2 posts in a page although i have set it to be 10 post per page. So, any helps and suggestion to solve this problems darlings?
Shame on me as i'm actually a nerd on doing these *shy*. Thanks for the comments and suggestions from my readers, appreciate ya! how sweet of you :) Promise will improve in the future! ;)


  1. Hi dear, thanks very much for the review! Luv - Tulip Boutique http://tulipboutique.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for the review too babe =)
    Oh btw,I'm facing the posting problem too, which it can't show 50 posts although I chose 50 posts already.
    Do let me knw what's the problem n how to solve it if u found it out ya'