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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sharings :)

Quote : " Biker jackets used to be only for tough guys. Men in gangs like the "Hell's Angels" wore them as a sign of their clique and bravado. However, through the years, things changed. Biker jackets - now mainly called motor or leather jackets - turned into a fashion that anyone can wear - especially a woman. "

Just so you know, leather or biker jackets are everywhere nowadays. It has soon became a must-have item in our lovely cupboard, either am i :D
However,most of us are wondering, how should i match this jacket well? How can i make leather jacket be an good investment of mine? :0
So,here you go honeys! Just my random shares, hope it helps though! :)

Long Pants

A plain tee or long top, it just makes you look awesome. This combination is a re-work of the classic biker jacket-blue jean combo that works for everyone.


Wear leather jacket with a pair of shorts, you can make it sexy or alternatives :)


it could be the perfect party cover up!


Cropped, leather biker jackets go well with mini-skirts of any kind. You can get it wild or cute just as you wish :D

Happy Sharing darlings! Have a great day :D
More reviews coming up once i have done with my god damn exams..cross fingers! x-x

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