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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prom Night

Hey darlings, what have came across your mind when you saw the pictures above?
ball? birthday party? wedding dinner?
yeah, you got me right, it's Prom Night babe! :)

Your Prom Night is one of the evenings you will remember for the rest of your life. There are many things you can do that will make the evening an especially enjoyable one. If you are still out of idea about what to wear, here are some tips from nets, hope you girls find it useful aight? :)

♥ Prom Dress
A prom dress is the most important ever. Think about what you want. Are you looking for a once-in-a-lifetime fairytale gown? Or do you want something classic that you could wear again as a special occasion dress, perhaps with different accessories? Is your style sleek and tailored, or more lace and ruffles? As you shop for prom dresses, start with an idea of what you'd like but keep an open mind. Sometimes a dress that looks plain on the hanger can be stunning when you get it on.

♥ Sleeve Prom Dress

♥ Body Con Prom Dress

♥ Tube Dress

♥ Long Prom Dress

♥ Handbag
Lipstick, a small comb, some blusher perhaps, some tampons if it's that time of the month, and enough money for phone calls or a cab ride home. Give some thought to what you'll do with your purse when you're dancing, as this can be awkward. Hence, handbag the smaller the better. Or a clutch will be preferable.

♥ Prom Shoes

Good shoes are as important as your prom dress. It may take some hunting to find dress shoes or sandals that feel good for dancing all night, but comfort matters as much as good looks. Hey, if your feet hurt it ruins your smile!

It's wise to wear your shoes several times before prom night to be sure they'll be comfortable.If you think you have big feet, avoid white or very light-colored shoes; look for a color that doesn't call attention to itself. A shade that blends well with your skin and hosiery tones can be an attractive look.

♥ Prom Hairstyle & Make Up
Hairstyles today are much more casual than before. The days of hairspray and loads of bobby pins are thankfully over. Whether you choose a loose and flowing prom hair style or a formal updo, this is the night for something special. If you opt for an updo don't let it be uptight; avoid 'librarian' styles with hair pulled tight back off your face. A bit of looseness around your face is usually more flattering. Make sure your nails are in perfect condition, fingers and toes. Buff them to a sheen with a good buffer, or choose an elegant polish.

Happy Sharing Darlings, hope it helps though! have a nice day :)

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